Babyppups Is a Teacup Puppy Right for Your Family?

Is a Teacup Puppy Right for Your Family?

Is a Teacup Puppy Right for Your Family?

This is what we like to find out before placing a puppy in your home.  Many sellers and breeders could care less where their puppy goes just so they can make a sale. We are NOT that company. 

Our puppies are precious to us and their wellbeing and care means everything to us. We put their care and health priority. 

Questions to consider when thinking of purchasing a teacup puppy. 

Do you work outside the home and if so how many hours a day will the puppy be alone? Do you have anyone who can care for your puppy while away from the home? 

Are you aware teacup puppy puppies MUST be fed every 4 hours during daytime hours as they have a short metabolism and their food is their energy source? Did you know the number one cause of death for smaller breed puppies is Hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia related illnesses due to not feeding the puppy properly! 

Teacup puppies do not need to be left alone for more than 4 hours without supervision if under the age of 6 months and if they are extremely tiny more than 4 hours the rest of their LIVES!  Super tiny means anything under 2 lbs. Some teacups are picky eaters and will decide they do not want to eat their dry food and other foods can be prepared for them to try. We suggest finely shedded boiled chicken and brown nice with broth over the top.

Do you have the time required to care for your puppy? If you have a very busy schedule and lifestyle a teacup puppy is probably not a good fit for you. They require a lot of care and supervision. 

Take in consideration the time involved before making the choice to bring a teacup puppy home. They do require patience and time and the same sacrifices that the breeder makes to raise these amazing little dogs. 


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