Babyppups Size Estimates and Info for Teacup Puppies

Size Estimates and Info for Teacup Puppies

Size Estimates and Info for Teacup Puppies

We want to express facts about teacup puppies and sizing as so many have false expectations when it comes to sizing puppies and that we should have true exact weights of a 8-10 week old puppy and what the puppy will grow to. Some puppies grow fast and gain bulk fo their weight in first 4-5 months and other grow slowly. Its just no way to give exact science to how your puppy will develop.

If you are ONLY concerned with a number on a scale and very superficial about your purchase of this living, breathing, beautiful puppy then we may REFUSE sale to you as false expectations usually lead to you not happy and a stressful experience for us as well. Size isnt the only factor that determines our price! You are buying a high quality puppy with unique, desirable look! 

No one can guarantee that a puppy will be an exact weight full grown. Genetics plays a huge role and so does body types in puppies. Just like with people dogs can have different body and bone structure and there is NO WAY possible that we can guarantee you that a puppy will not grow larger than our estimate. 

We can only estimate sizing based on parentage and what the puppy weight at their current age and we use a universal weight chart that gives us a range. I usually add 1/2 to 1 lb to buffer the weight depending on the body type as I see with each puppy. You can check to try and estimate your puppy's weight or get an estimate as its a universal weight chart we use quite often.

You can have a puppy with fine, thin bones that will be less weight than a puppy with more of a heavier bone structure with more defined features to meet the breed standard. One can be less proportionate and weigh less than the puppy with the heavier bone but, in all actuality be the same size. 

WEIGHT IS NOT EVERYTHING and should NOT be the only factor when you are selecting a teacup puppy and strictly why we do not usually offer puppies to clients who are so fixated on a weight of a puppy because with over 12 years experience breeding, raising and selling teacup puppies we know the true facts when it comes to determining weight and that it is NOT an always accurate process. 

We are looking for forever homes for our puppies and those who will not sell or re-home their puppy if the weight is not within their liking. Puppies are a lifetime commitment and they deserve the best, loving homes and that should be the main reason for purchasing a family companion and not brought into your home with unrealistic expectations that they will never grow as we are asked that question many times. ALL LIVING BEINGS GROW AND MATURE.

If you are fixated on weight alone and want the smaller pups I would recommend to check out our Mature puppies for sale as they are all over 5 months of age and at this age you can get a better idea of weight and sizing. 

Visit to see our current older puppies for sale that are offered in tiny teacup sizing with weight estimates 3 lbs and under.

We hear many time we want the smallest puppy you have... With the smallest puppy there comes a lot of responsibility, supervision and care! 

The reality of getting a puppy under 2 lbs is SUPER RARE and those puppies need help and supplementing for the rest of their lives and a constant watchful eye due to their tiny sizing. Most do shy away from the super tiny puppies once they hear of all the care required and constant supervision that is required. Teacup puppies have a very HIGH metabolism and only eat small portions. So with the tinies the metabolism is at an all time high with little energy left in reserve. So feeding schedules have to be strict and supplements like nutrical have to ALWAYS be on hand. They do not retain body fat in most cases so their food it their ONLY energy source and these puppies are quick to fall with hypoglycemia attacks due to tiny size. These pups need to be in the hands of someone experienced who has the constant time to dedicate to the puppy. They will never be a normal dog who can leap off the couch and do all the normal activities that a larger sized puppy can do and will have to live a life that is very chaperoned and supervised to be sure their care needs are met and why we are VERY hesitant on placing these size of puppies with families with small children or those who have NEVER owned a teacup puppy before. Missing a meal for a teacup could be life or death situation and they are Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) prone due to the fact they have no reserve body fat! 

Most of the time when we have a super tiny puppy we do not sell them or will consider shipping tll they are 5-8 months due to their size and how stable they are at this size. 

So, with all I mentioned here I want you to leave taking a full understanding that NO ONE can guarantee weight and that sometimes we too get it wrong and the gamble with purchasing a puppy. We do not focus on puppies just on sizing! Sure there are small puppies out there you can find for a cheap price and luck can always strike to realize you received a puppy that only matured to 2 lbs but, those times are rare. 

We do not focus on just WEIGHT for our business and the puppies we offer. We focus on beauty and health! We also focus on the uniqueness of the puppy and the quality with the face, coat factor, body proportion and more. So if you are here only for sizing and those other factors do not matter to you then we may not be the resource for you but, I will tell you to be leery of other sites who are offering all dogs at one age and saying they are going to be exact sizing or pups that are being offered at a MUCH younger age to make them appear smaller to have you believe they are actually teacups when they are only 4-6 weeks old at the time of their photos and videos. No one can promise you a weight on a puppy and if they do GET IT IN WRITING with a guarantee because most wont do it and be careful of scams or those who give false ages to make their puppy appear smaller than it actually is. Ask for a video or photos of the puppy's teeth and notice the coat appearance and how long/developed the coat is to determine age. These are true factors that go hand in hand with determining age! 

 So if you are focused only on size I would suggest buying an older puppy or adult as again we do not guarantee weight on any puppy sold and can ONLY give you ESTIMATE of the puppy's full grown weight. There are just too many undetermined factors that can alter weight and size of a puppy.

So again, Boutique Teacup Puppies make no WARRANTY, GUARANTEE or PROMISES on our weight estimates and never have in over 12 years of being in business. We only offer ESTIMATES! 

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