Babyppups Teacup Puppy Care Guide

Teacup Puppy Care Guide

Teacup Puppy Care Guide

Teacup Puppy Care Instructions
could be life or death for your puppy!
Feeding Instructions:
Due to teacup puppy’s small stomach size and high metabolisms, tiny teacup
puppies need to eat more than once or twice a day.  They need to eat every 2-3
hours for the first two weeks in your home until they become less nervous and
more settled in on a daily feeding routine. After the first two weeks, depending on
the size of the puppy they will need to eat every 3-6 hours. The smaller the
puppy the more frequent. FOOD=ENERGY and without the proper nutrition the
puppy is highly susceptible to having hypoglycemia which we already informed
you about in our contract.
My recommendation – and the least complicated feeding schedule to
implement is free feeding – meaning allowing the puppy to have access to
dry food at all times! 
Free feeding means there is always dry food in the bowl which is in the playpen
or readily accessible in its living area, and the puppy can get to it 24/7. That also
means, that if you are carrying the puppy around with you a lot, you need to take
it back into its' playpen at least once every few hours or more often, for it to eat!!!
Puppies have a very short attention span and are easily distracted by new
people, new surroundings and love to cuddle and play instead of eating. They do
not have good self-discipline to do so on their own always, so offering and having
food available to them at all times is the best practice to keep them healthy,
happy and FULL!
The most important RULE to owning a teacup is your puppy MUST EAT and
on the required schedule! You cannot just say:
 “Well he didn’t eat this meal maybe I will try again later.”
 “Hes tired so Ill just let him sleep”
 “I cant make him eat”
If the puppy will not eat the dry food or turns up its nose then you must try other
foods. We suggest boiled chicken or brown rice or chicken baby food/beef baby
food. You may also try canned dog food and usually Cesar brand works for best
us in the purple or pink package. If your puppy has missed a meal and is not
wanting to eat then the next step is NUTRICAL or Dyne. If your puppy has been
asleep for more than three hours without a meal, wake him/her up to eat or give it
Nutri Cal or Dyne. If ever in doubt give Nutri Cal or Dyne. It doesn’t harm the
puppy and it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
If you plan to take the puppy with you to work, travel or just to do daily errands
then you must pack a bag with Nutri Cal or Dyne, food and water. When you take
the puppy out for a day or more it’s not on its normal daily routine and feeding
schedule, it’s fun but also stress on the body, and they tend to get overly excited,
overly stimulated and nervous. So not only are they burning more calories due to
this they also don’t want to eat. It’s crucial that you always have a Nutri Cal in
safe places for these times. Such as in your glove compartment, in your purse, in
your desk at work. While out if the puppy isn’t eating every ¾ hours then you
must give Nutri Cal or Dyne!
Link to purchase Nutrical for Puppies:
How to give Nutri Cal or Dyne: Put a dime size amount Nutri Cal or Dyne Syrup
on your finger and most of the time the pups will lick it off your hand but, if not
you must physically open their mouths and place it on their tongue, rub it on their
mucus membranes, gums cheeks and allow them to swallow the rest, for them to
get the nutrition they need to eliminate the possibility of hypoglycemia.
Any signs of lethargy, vomiting, blood in stools, hyper salivation, disorientation, or
seizure it’s imperative you give the puppy Nutri Cal or dyne every 15-20 minutes
and get to the vet hospital immediately. If you ever get caught in an emergency
without Nutri Cal or Dyne you can use Karo syrup or raw sugar. Honey is also an
option but is risky as it does contain natural bacteria that can cause the puppy to
get sick, but if this is the only option then use it as hypoglycemia is a life
threatening emergency.
Housing Info:
We do suggest buying a puppy playpen so your puppy has a safe place to be
when not being supervised. This also allows the puppy to get accustomed to
where the potty pads will be in their new home.
Set it up away from air vents or drafty areas.
We have a few suggestions on amazon
Link for Playpen option:
I suggest buying 2 so the puppy has a nice large area to play. You can connect
them together.
Make sure you have purchased all the items on the shopping list and you can
add their beds, food, water and puppy piddle pads in there.
Teacup Puppies Sleep a lot and need their rest. It’s important to let them take
their naps during the day and not too much playtime, especially for the first two
They like to take cat naps during the day and sometimes may only last 30
minutes or so but, it’s an important part of their well-being and health.
Do not take your puppy out immediately after bringing him home. Let him adjust
to you and his new environment and keep them away from other dogs other than
your own until they have finished all their vaccinations. That means not taking the
puppy to public parks, pet stores, groomers or places other than your home or
At your vet trips keep your puppy in your arms and don’t let him run around on
the floor, as Vet hospitals are a source of deadly viruses and illnesses from other
pets there seeking treatment. Bring a blanket or towel with you to the Vet ask
them to clean the table off in front of you and put the blanket on the puppy on the
table. Do not put the puppy directly on the bare table.

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