Babyppups Why are Our Teacup Puppies so Expensive?

Why are Our Teacup Puppies so Expensive?

Why are Our Teacup Puppies so Expensive?

Why are Our puppies so expensive? 

We are frequently asked this question about the pricing of our puppies. 

A true teacup is not a runt. It has taken years of breeding and downsizing of parents to produce the "teacup puppy". 

There are a lot of sacrifices that go into breeding tiny puppies. They require around the clock care for the next 3 months and for the extra tinies even longer. 

This means the breeder take the time to raise an amazing puppy for you to call your own and requires giving up time out away from the puppies to family outings and events that may come up. This means up every 2 hours around the clock to make sure the puppies receive the exact amount of milk they need to sustain. This mean cleaning bottoms and making sure they potty the way the should as all of these things are something that a breeder has to do if the mama isnt doing them. Mama cant be left alone with the babies due to possibilities of mom stepping or laying on the fragile babies. So its supervised feedings and cleanings for the first 3-4 weeks due to their tiny size. 

Duties include cleaning puppy playpens, feeding puppies, regulating temperatures, washing dog bedding, trips to vet, vaccinations, deworming schedules, bathing and grooming weekly and more often for messy pups (minimum 3 hours for the long coat breeds), assisting deliveries which can be up 24 hours sometimes when pre-labor starts, more cleaning, puppy training, potty pad training.... There are more but, gives you an idea. Its not a job to be taken lightly. 

Smaller sized mamas usually only have 1-3 pups while larger breeds have 6 or more puppies and thats once of year that the mama is bred til she retires after 3-4 litters. 

Time is Money in any work you do or you consider to be work.

Raising teacups isnt a 9-5 job. It takes a lot of work and dedication! If a breeder were to calculate their time spent on a litter of teacup puppies most people couldnt afford such a dog. The largest loss for a breeder is their time. Breeding is not a 9-5 job and is very much like caring for a tiny newborn. 

Now for quality ~ 

When we offer our puppies for sale we have selected the absolute amazing lineage that we have experience in getting an idea of the quality. If you notice the look of our puppies is NOT like everyone elses. You were attracted to our site and our puppies for a reason and thats because we are offering you a very unique, beautiful puppy compared to most breeders. 

They have luxurious coats, shorter noses than the traditional breeds you see. They have gorgeous compact bodies and thick, glam style coats! 

Adult dogs for our breeding can cost us in the upwards up 10-20k for the look of what we are producing at Boutique Teacup Puppies and for that reason of course their offspring are just as valuable. 

Sure, you can find less quality teacup dogs for probably half our price but, they will still have the same characteristics as their larger standard size breed and no the extraordinary coat, short baby faces or the total cuteness factor! 

Quality is everything and everything quality is expensive. 

The amount of care that needs to be provided by a new owner for the tiny teacup puppies is important and shouldnt be taken lightly. We put a lot of focus with our clients on the individual needs of each puppy as some may require more time and work while others settle in perfectly! Every puppy is different on how they adjust to their new surroundings. Patience and Understanding are two key factors when deciding to adopt a teacup puppy. 

We give them the best start for a wonderful journey to their new lives and families but, its very important that you read over the teacup puppy care instructions we give you and the let us know how we can help with anything that comes up. 

Our team offers over 25 years of breeding and whelping experience and has a Vet tech on call to help guide you to raise a balanced, healthy teacup puppy. 

The care and maintenance for teacups is important and we also offer our puppies at a premium as most who are willing to invest our price for a puppy are going to care for it the way it should be cared for. 

Teacup are NOT meant for every family or lifestyle and its our job to make sure they are going to safe homes and we will often refuse sale to clients we do not feel that our puppies wouldnt be in a safe home. 





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