Amazing Newborn RARE Gorgeous Merle Poms Chocolate and Lilac Merles!

Amazing Newborn RARE Gorgeous Merle Poms Chocolate and Lilac Merles!


Im so so excited about our Newest litter of Poms born at Gorgeous, Super Rare Lilac and Chocolate Merle Poms. 

Check out the litter of these rare teacup tiny poms: Storm, Sophie, Soyer,  and 2 chocolates Seth, and Samuel

These are the first 2 lilac borns at Babypups and actually the first I have ever seen in all my 20 years in breeding poms. We are super excited about this litter and also with potential of having blue eyes too! Imagine the beauty as they grow. 

These teacup tiny poms have gorgeous merle markings and are extremely rare and expensive due to their uniqueness and how rare they are. We will be holding on to both of the lilacs if they are not sold by the time they are 8 weeks so this is your opportunity to own such a rare color. 

We do offer payment plans on these babies for up to 8 weeks split into 3 payments. We will not offer this payment plan on the Pomeranian puppies after they are 4 weeks of age so reserve now with a partial payment down! 

THESE PUPPIES ARE SOLD SPAYED AND NEUTERED and will not be available for breeding. We do not sell our rare puppies unaltered! 

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