Learn About Grooming Maltese 🤍🐾🐶🧼🛀

Learn About Grooming Maltese 🤍🐾🐶🧼🛀

Learn About Grooming Maltese 🤍🐾🐶🧼🛀

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Today we want to teach yo us little about Grooming Maltese puppies.The Maltese does require routine brushing and grooming.  The coat is a single layer with no undercoat giving it the luxurious silk texture known to Maltese. A correct coat hangs long, flat, and silky over the sides of the body all the way to the ground. Maltese should be bathed and brushed out weekly in order to keep the skin and coat in prime condition.  If you Maltese has a wooly or curly coat, though incorrect, choosing the right products and using them correctly can help give the illusion of the silky texture that Maltese are known for.

It takes a lot of determination and conviction to bathe a Maltese while minimizing further tangling.  After the coat is wet, apply the shampoo by squeezing it through the coat in a downward motion.  In order to get the coat squeaky clean, continue to move the shampoo down the coat.  Thoroughly shampooing the coat will contribute to building a strong, healthy, and manageable coat.  The same technique is used when conditioning the coat. It is of utmost importance to condition the coat on a Maltese every time you bathe.  Conditioning the coat will hydrate and nourish each individual strand of hair while sealing the ends to prevent brakeage and split ends.  Make sure you cool the water temperature down when doing the final rinse to assure that the coat is completely free of any product.  Once the bath is finished, blot the coat with a towel and squeeze excessive water from the ears, legs, and any longer furnishings.  Always use a downward motion to remove the excess rather than a circular motion in order to keep the coat from further tangling.

If your Maltese has a long coat, it is best to line dry the dog using a fluff dryer.  Systematically line dry the entire coat right down to the skin.  Make sure they are completely dry in the area you are working before you move on to the next section.  Once the Maltese is completely dry, make sure the coat is tangle free.  Double check your brush out by using a metal comb.  It should glide freely through the coat all the way down to the skin 🐶🐾✨

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