Biewer Terrier Temperaments 🖤🌟

Biewer Terrier Temperaments 🖤🌟

Biewer Terrier Temperaments 🖤🌟

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The Biewer Terrier is very energetic and loves to play as well as receive endless amounts of affection from their owners. These loving pups love to cuddle and especially like to settle into their owners' laps. They are constant explorers and love to play. Though they are a terrier breed, they do not possess the terrier tendencies of strong prey drive or digging behaviors. They are also able to live in apartments and homes with or without backyards. Biewer Terriers can be a bit "yappy" and do not warm to strangers quickly, though with proper socialization training they can be adequate watchdogs. They can generally fit any household type, from singles to senior citizens and families with children of all ages.


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