Chihuahuas Are Easier To Train 🐶🦴🐾

Chihuahuas Are Easier To Train 🐶🦴🐾

Chihuahuas Are Easier To Train 🐶🦴🐾

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It’s important to train your Chihuahuas when they are puppies. Training provides discipline and controls common issues such as barking, aggression, and resource guarding. The good news is that this dog breed is always ready to learn and they excel in obedience training. They also love to please you. When you’re training your pint-sized pups, make sure to give plenty of positive reinforcements. They respond very well to positive training.

Not surprisingly, Chihuahuas respond very well when there are treats involved. Be aware of how much treats you’re giving them because it can affect their weight. Small dog breeds generally cannot support too much extra calories without packing on the pounds.

Be firm when you train your purse-sized dogs. Let them know that you are the one in charge. When training your Chihuahuas, introduce them to larger dogs. It’s crucial for your pups to socialize with other dogs. Doing so goes a long way when they’re adults. Social training is easiest when they are puppies. 🐾💙✨

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