Chihuahuas - Ghost Merles 🖤💎⭐️

Chihuahuas - Ghost Merles 🖤💎⭐️

Chihuahuas - Ghost Merles 🖤💎⭐️

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When a Merle Chihuahua is bred with a cream or sable-colored Chihuahua, their litter may contain ghost Merles. Ghost Merles, otherwise known as hidden or cryptic Merles, carry the Merle gene but don’t display the Merle coat pattern.

Pet owners cannot tell that their ghost Merle is a Merle Chihuahua at all. If the ghost Merle is bred with another Merle accidentally, the double Merle litter will be stuck with nasty health issues.

Therefore, if you suspect your Chihuahua may be a ghost Merle, you should have him or she genetically tested.

If you can register your ghost Merle Chihuahua, you should indicate that the Chihuahua is Merle, even if he or she has barely visible or no markings.🐾🖤✨

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