How do I know is a Legit Website and Not a Scam?

How do I know is a Legit Website and Not a Scam?

How do I know is a Legit Website and Not a Scam?

We are confronted with this question more times than I can count so I thought it would be a great idea to add some information on how you can tell a scam from a legit website selling puppies. 

A little about us before I start:

We ARE NOT a pet store or have a store to view puppies at as you will NOT find the quality, sizing or look of our pups in your local pet store as pets stores offer commercially bred puppies. Our puppies are not bred this way!  We breed and co-own all the puppies listed on and our puppies are bred in loving homes across the USA and our adult co-owned dogs are raised in LOVING homes to eliminate the use of kennels. We want all of our dogs to have the kind of life that all pets deserve raised with a family. All puppies are raised by our co-breeders in a home with kids, family, attention, care and love from day one and why our pups are so  socialized when they go to their new homes. Puppies are brought to San Antonio, TX location when they are sold for pickup for shipping with our nanny or local pick up for clients who want to drive to us or fly to us for pickup. 

1. First and foremost we accept credit and debit cards. Scammers CANNOT and WILL NOT accept credit cards for payment as all credit cards and debit cards hold customer protection against fraud. You are covered if you do not receive a puppy you purchased. You have protection with every credit card purchase if you should make a purchase and do not receive it or receive something different. If you have questions about this please contact your bank or card company to clarify this information. 

2. We retain a business bank account at Wells Fargo one of the largest banks in the country and to open a business bank account you must have state documents and be approved by the state to run a business, pay taxes, etc. 

3. We have a way to contact us many ways through a toll free number, whatsapp, facebook business page with over 94k Followers, Instagram page with over 61k followers. Scammers do not have these things as they do not want to be tracked. Most scammer websites do not even have a way to contact them except via message on the website as you rarely speak to anyone and if you do they are foreign and will likely have an accent. We are located right here in San Antonio, TX and offer local pickup for all of the puppies we breed.

4. We offer LIVE Video feed of the puppies we offer to sale on our website, facebook and instagram. You also may book a VIDEO CALL to see any of our puppies. We offer the free service for up to 2 pups on a call. After 2 we do ask for a deposit so that we know we are not wasting our time.  Even with our Korean puppies we offer LIVE shows to show them once a week and usually on Friday or Saturday evenings around 10pm. 

5. We do identity checks on all purchases for your protection and ours. Scammers could care less and will ask you to western union, money gram payment to them for their purchases to a personal name not a business. Scammers do not care who you are they just want you to send money. 

6. All the information on our website is in detail to provide you clear understanding of our process. We outline and update our puppies from 2-3 weeks old and update our puppies every 10 days usually. Scammers cant do that bc they do NOT have the puppies on hand to be able to show you continued updates from the time the puppies are born til its time for the to go home. 

7. We have a client gallery for our clients to go in at any time and add their photos of their puppies from us. All clients are sent a review request after their verified purchase and they can write about their experience with us and those reviews are also posted on our website. Only verified purchasers can write reviews on our site. Check our our Client REVIEWS and Gallery on the website

8. We will offer you references as well for you to call and check out if you so request it so you can verify our business. We often have many repeat buyers who shop and have followed the business for MANY years. 

9. Just remember if it sounds too good to be true and the prices are stupidly cheap then most likely its a scam. You can do a reverse IMAGE search to find the original source fo the image and how many times its been circulated on the web as scammers will use images they find on google and other sources. All photos on are owned by us and taken by us with the exception of our KOREAN puppies and those puppies are owned by our partner in Korea and our business only.  BABYPUPS can show you any puppy on our site a LIVE video feed whether it be a scheduled LIVE or Video call so feel free to request it anytime.

10. Last by not least. Social Media is HUGE. Scammers do not have business social media accounts. If they did there would be an outcry of people complaints on their social pages that they were a scam. We use social media DAILY at where ANYONE can comment and share their experiences. We also post testimonials and tag our clients there so you can view and visit their profiles and pages to view their journey with their puppy they purchased from 

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