What Do Pomskies Look Like? 🖤🐺✨

What Do Pomskies Look Like? 🖤🐺✨

What Do Pomskies Look Like? 🖤🐺✨

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Pomskies are a small or mid-sized designer dog breed. They inherit genes from both their parents, which are Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians. Pomskies closely resemble Siberian Huskies, but are similar to Pomeranians in size. This mixed breed dog has a thick double coat due which causes the Pomskies to shed throughout the year. However, their soft, fluffy, and thick coat makes it easier for them to adapt to colder surroundings. Their coat can come in different colors but they are most commonly gray, white, reddish-brown, brown, and blue.

There are different categories of Pomskies depending on their looks, including foxy Pomskies which have an appearance like a fox. They have a longer body like a Husky and slim bone structure similar to Pomeranians. They have a lean structure and a sleek appearance with long pointed ears and a nose. Their coat is reddish-brown in color. Pure white stunners are another variation of Pomsky. This variation is less common but highly sought after. They have a solid white-colored coat and smaller facial features. Short haired cuties are another variation. Their coat is coarse and similar to huskies. These are the most common type of Pomskies. Blue-eyed brownies are a rare variation of Pomsky. The major traits of this Pomeranian Husky mix include deep blue eyes and a semi-long coat with brown colorings. Plush Huskies are small and compact like most Pomeranians. They have a thick and curled tail and a Pomeranian-like coat texture with color markings that are similar to a Husky. They have short and broad noses. 🐾❤️✨



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