Walking Your Chihuahua 🐾💙💫

Walking Your Chihuahua 🐾💙💫

Walking Your Chihuahua 🐾💙💫

Good Afternoon! 

Walk your chihuahua every day. Think of your daily walk with your chihuahua as both good for you and for him. It gives you a 30 minute walk outside every day, and it gives him a chance to work off some energy. To make things interesting, don’t walk the same route every day, change it up

  • A 30 minute walk is likely long enough for your chihuahua. Unlike larger dogs, your chihuahua will not be able to go jogging or hiking with you.
  • You can, however, carry your chihuahua with you in a dog carrier that’s also a backpack or even a stroller. 🐾💙✨

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