What does Teacup Puppy Even Mean?

What does Teacup Puppy Even Mean?

What does Teacup Puppy Even Mean?


We are often asked are these puppies teacup size? So what does teacup puppy really mean? 

It's strictly a term used to describe the size of a puppy. It's not a breed nor is it a specific puppy of any sort. It's only an adjective to give you an idea of the size of a puppy. Are teacup sized puppies real? Yes, many smaller and toy breeds are small enough to fit in a teacup at the ages of 5-8 weeks old. So dont' be fooled that the dog will never grow or will stay that size forever or that they will fit in a teacup at full grown size but, the size is RARE to find 2-3 lbs full grown. Its possible but, many sellers advertise young puppies in teacups and say they are teacup puppies to raise their pricing and to deceive buyers into believing the dog is a teacup sized puppy that will always be a teacup and all actuality that is NOT the case. 

Teacup is merely referring to size and we do not use the term bc what one considers teacup sizing another may not. We have clients who refer to 8-10 lb puppies a teacups and others may think 3-5 lbs is considered teacup.

Each breed has a breed standard to their sizing and you can find many examples on breed registry websites for their breed profiles. 

Are there puppies that are exceptionally small for their breed or standard? 

Yes, absolutely and those are considered tiny. We have entire litters of puppies that are tiny. Is it easy to know exactly what a puppy will weigh full grown? No, it's not as there are too many factors with different bloodlines of dogs to determine the exact weight. Some develop faster than others. Just think about people there are lots of different body types for each and its the same with the dogs. Some more bone and mass while others are less. It's just impossible to factor in the exact mass or overall bone weight to determine the exact weight of what a puppy will be or develop into at full maturity. It's like guessing exactly what a human will be at age 25. So just remember this when you are looking for a new puppy and dont be focused on a number on a scale because its very likely you will not be happy with the end result with the adult size. 

We DO NOT and WILL NOT sell to anyone who is ONLY focused on the size of a puppy as thats not fair to the puppy or to the breeder. Puppies should be loved and not critiqued simply by a scale. If you have those unrealistic expectations then shop for an adult dog that you know will be within the weight range you are looking. Family Pets are meant to be loved no matter what and be treated as part of the family and not be judged by their weight and discarded because they are 1 to 2 lbs larger than you expected.

We give weight ranges on all estimates based on a universal weight chart you can find on a google search at Babypups.com and do try our best to post the correct range of what a puppy will grow to but, there is always a chance a puppy will go over our weight range as genetics is a funny thing and can give you throw backs to generations way before the parents or even grandparents in sizing and looks. So it's merely just impossible to state what a dog will weigh at full maturity. 20 years plus experience breeding dogs has taught me a lot about sizing and not to give false hope to buyers wanting a puppy that will be 2 pounds full grown because the actuality of that is rare and expensive! 

Do LOTS of research before moving forward with a tiny size dog and if you schedule will allow for the proper care of raising one. A lot of people do not understand the care involved with a puppy that size and what it takes to keep them alive. It's around the clock care and feeding schedules for the entirety of the dogs life to make sure their sugar levels are stable. We have extremely tiny puppies at Babypups.com but, we usually hold them til they are 12-16 weeks to make sure they have the best start in life and are 100 percent ready for their new home. These puppies are a lot of work and care from day 1 til the day they leave and why they are SO EXPENSIVE as many like to ask why so expensive when it comes to the tiny sized dogs. There are times we raise them to adults as well and offer them for sale. 

My best advice for those searching for their teacup sized puppy is to buy a dog older than 8 months old when finished growing to know the actual full grown weight of a dog and shop smart when looking because there are a lot of deceptive sellers out there who offer puppies with younger age to make them seem smaller and show dogs in teacups to deceive buyers into believing they will be tiny when full grown when most toy breeds will fit in a teacup at the age of 5-8 weeks. 

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