Yorkies - Goldielocks 🖤⭐️🐶

Yorkies - Goldielocks 🖤⭐️🐶

Yorkies - Goldielocks 🖤⭐️🐶

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Yorkshire Terriers have a unique coat. They have silky-smooth hair that barely sheds, which is one of the characteristics that makes them so popular. Living with a Yorkie will require quite a bit of grooming; if their beautiful coats aren’t maintained, they can easily get tangled and matted. These dogs have a single coat, which means they have no undercoat, which means little to no shedding. 

Yorkies have a unique hair texture, which is a lot like human hair. If you ever attend a dog show, you will encounter numerous Yorkies with long, groomed hair. Most “casual” owners will trim them because a shorter coat is easier to maintain. However you decide to groom your Yorkie, we are sure they will be absolutely adorable.🐾❤️✨



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