Our Warranty

Warranty and Insurance Liability Info

We have made some amazing changes to benefit our clients! Please read below the terms and conditions for our Liability Insurance and Warranty info.  We do have this in a formal document that will be required to be signed at the time of purchase.

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  1. ___________ Buyer agrees that in order to redeem any form of health warranty for their puppy/kitten that Insurance Policy must be purchased the same day the buyer places an order for their puppy/kitten.


  1. __________ Buyer agrees that if they decide to opt out and not purchase the Insurance required for their puppy/kitten that they will NOT receive any form or warranty of guarantee for the said puppy above and the puppy will be sold as it without any warranty, guarantee or promise.


  1. ___________ Buyer agrees that he/she will purchase insurance from from Pet Plan www.gopetplan.com to be included in our warranty within 48 hours of purchase. If buyer choose to opt out of the insurance purchase then puppy will be sold AS IS without any said, written or promised warranties. 


  1. ______________ Buyer agrees to send proof of insurance after purchase to boutiqueteacuppuppies@gmail.com so that we may file it with your paperwork. We will require this if you completed this form and agreed to accept warranty coverage. If we do not receive proof at the time of purchase your puppy will be sold as it without any guarantee, warranty or promise.


  1. ___________ Sellers Agrees to have a reimbursement, not to exceed 500 dollars, to be applied to any congenital or genetic conditions, viral infections within the first 72 hours of the said puppy’s arrival to your care if covered by the insurance company and as long as the insurance is valid and proof of validity is provided at the time a claim is made within 365 days of purchase. If at anytime the insurance policy has lapsed or is not valid this warranty is null and void and Seller has no further obligation to buyer. Hypoglycemia related illnesses and accidents are not covered under this warranty.


  1. __________ Buyer agrees that our Replacement warranty guarantee is valid until the dog/cat referenced above reaches one year of age and is only valid as long as the insurance policy purchased has not lapsed or been cancelled. More information regarding your replacement warranty is outlined on number 8 of this agreement.


  1. ______________ Buyer Agrees Replacement Warranty will cover life-threatening, untreatable defects covered by the insurance company until the said dog/cat reached 1 year of age and will include a seventy-two hour replacement warranty for viral infections for which the puppy does not survive. Diagnosis by a licensed veterinarian must be within the first 72 hours that the puppy has reached your care. This includes a maximum payout of $500 towards your medical expenses and a replacement puppy of equal value to what you paid for your puppy listed above as long as your insurance is valid and has not lapsed at anytime. Hypoglycemia related illnesses and accidents are not covered under this warranty. No other expenses or vet care will be paid after the $500 payout.


  1. ____________ Buyer agrees that with any claims submitted to Seller that he/she will provide all veterinary expense reports, proof of diagnosis report and proof of valid insurance required paid up to date. A necropsy report is required if the puppy should die and claim is being made on the puppy to prove cause of death. Without necropsy report all claims will be denied.