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Important Information Regarding your BabyPups Puppy Purchase

Schedule a LIVE to see a puppy you are Considering purchasing! We offer Video calls to see puppies in real time!

We do HIGHLY SUGGEST you read over this page. It entails our Policy and Procedures for BabyPups. This will answer most of your questions about our business and the process of how we deliver your puppy. Not reading this information does not give you the right to ignore our policies and procedures. As all these terms still apply whether you take the time to read over them or not. 

How to Purchase

Reading the How to Buy page in its entirety is the first step to purchasing. Once reviewing all our terms, conditions, puppy information on the puppies page, guarantees, size info and warranty and your ready to proceed you can add the puppy to your cart and check out just like any other website.

Once that is complete you will receive and email with all required paperwork that needs filled out and returned. We do require photo ID and ID verification via notary for all credit card purchases. We will. require 2 or those completed for your deposit and final payment if you do no pay in full at the initial time of purchase. This paperwork is NON-NEGOTIABLE and is due within 48 hours of purchase! If you want to pay with bank wire you will need to call us at 888-743-0325. We can email you the information for wire transfer. 

Once all required paperwork is returned we will submit your transport to the nanny coordinator with the nanny agency. Once a nanny grabs the transport we will alert you and then a group chat will be set up to follow for the transport. You will be required to download Whatsapp for the group chat. All vaccination records will be emailed to you so that they are not lost during transit. We DO NOT deliver paperwork with the puppy. It is emailed same day of delivery.


We have Strict Business hours to accept calls and messages. We are open for calls 9am PST to 6pm PST Monday-Friday and 10amPST to 2pm PST. People often forget that just because we sell pups that we answer inquiries all hours of the night. Please respect our hours and if you have questions reach out during those times.

We are located in Texas and offer appointments to book video calls to see your puppy on a LIVE VIDEO. Our deposit is a non-refundable deposit $250 for appointments and goes toward the purchase price. The video deposit can only be used for one viewing appointment and not redeemable for a future call. Once the service has been completed it may be used for a credit for up to 10 days. 

DUE TO COVID we are not offering in person puppy viewing. 

There is a $200 handling fee for all puppies picked up at the boutique due to our transport cost to our location. 

  1. Book appointment: CLICK HERE TO BOOK APPOINTMENTS! 
  2. Appointments are booked for any puppy that is from our breeding program. For select partners we can only show puppies once they arrive to our boutique on a video call. 
  3. Book all appointments 24 hours in advance. We usually do not accept same day bookings due to our schedules. Deposit will go towards the purchase price of the puppy you decide to reserve.
  4. There is a $250 non- refundable deposit for booking appointments to see a maximum of 2 pups at the video appointment for our pups or Korean pups.
  5. This service is not for window shopping. This is an appointment service for clients who are deciding between a few pups that they already have a connection with. 
  6. We do require a copy of DL for the client booking the appointment. That client must be present during the appointment. 2 Adult max at the appointment. Children may visit with adult supervision. 

Reviews and Feedback

How do I know you are not a scam? 

We offer local pick up for puppies in San Antonio, TX. We go live daily at 2pm on our website to see our puppies. We offer private live video calls for you to see your puppy. We offer 1 free call for all buyers with additional video calls available for purchase. 

We accept credit cards, are a verified shopify business and have lots of post, tags and reviews on our social media accounts. We have been in business and have a STRONG social media following on facebook, instagram, twitter and more! Check out our Client Gallery. Our clients update their own photos their of their pups. Also check out our SOLD PUPPY PAGE as our clients often update reviews there after purchase. 
We have reviews on our website from verified orders and clients, instagram followers over 60k and Facebook over 90k! Its up to you to check out those sources prior to purchase to see our reviews and testimonials. 

Spay and Neuter

All Pups are Sold Exclusively as Pets without papers unless otherwise stated on the listing. We sell pets and all must be spayed and neutered. We do not advise on breeding as it can be very unsafe for your puppy.

If we have found that any puppy has been used for breeding without our consent we will void all warranties. We have very few pups that we offer with breeding rights and they are generally not teacup size puppies.

If you are wanting a puppy with breeding rights they will come at an additional price for pedigree and we do have size requirements of 4 lbs for breeding females.

Payments Accepted

We accept all major credit cards for purchase with exception of AMEX.  We DO ACCEPT APPLE PAY and GOOGLE PAY! All payments made with credit card will result in a credit card authorization form having to be signed and notarized to guarantee payment and provide identity of the cardholder. No exceptions! We have financing options for those with approved credit through our 3rd party lenders. You may visit financing page for more info on our lenders.

We require full payment prior to Pick up on all puppies for safety precautions. We do have puppies at our San Antonio, TX Location to view. Call 1-888-743-0325 to set up an appointment to check on what pups are available to view.

We do accept all payments via bank wire/direct deposit as well. For all payments made in full at the time of purchase via bank wire will receive $100 discount as we do not have to pay credit card fees for those transactions.


Shipping Your Puppy

We offer local pick up for puppies at our Physical Location in San Antonio and we also offer shipping to your closest airport for a $800 fee. Shipping is NOT included in our pricing and is provided by a 3rd party nanny service. Pick up and visit are by appointment only. Shipping turnaround times vary depending on the location of the  puppy being purchased, the age of the puppy, the progression of the puppy and the nanny's schedules. Our nanny's are independent contractors and not employees of the Boutique. 

Nanny shipping may be preferred but it does require more flexibility than cargo shipping. The nanny's all fly stand by and can be bumped from a flight if over sold causing a change in delivery time for that day. 

South Korean puppy's ship direct from S. Korea to the buyer to select airports only. The fee for this is $800.

Booking Appointments

Booking an appointment for pickup of a puppy locally? Contact us at 1-888-743-0325 to schedule your pick up time and date. We only offer pick up appointments and due to a covid a mask must be worn during pick up. 

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Korean Puppy Purchases

Special Terms and Rules Apply to Korean Puppy Purchases! Make sure you read the information regarding the purchase. If you see this tag above listed on the puppy's photo then these rules apply. Shipping is provided by the airlines only and shipping is $800 per puppy.

Korean Puppies For Sale from our Breeding Program from South Korea. These puppies offered for direct shipping only to select airports that are listed on each of their pages. Viewing in person or pick up in person is NOT AN OPTION for Korean puppies. We do offer video calls to see puppies with a deposit and we go live on the website 2-3 times a week to show the puppies on LIVE VIDEO when we list them on the website. We only ship Korean Pups to Select Airports listed in the description of each puppy. There will be additional fees at the airport for pickup ranging from $75-$300 depending on that the airline charges for handling fees.
With the purchase of a korean puppy we update your puppy every 2 weeks and you are booked with one free LIVE show to show your puppy prior to shipping. We do require all the same paperwork with our USA puppies and you will have to complete 2 notary forms for our Credit card form if you do not pay in full at the time of reservation! Paperwork is due 48 hours of the purchase!

Puppy Arrival Time

We list Ready to Pick up dates on our Listings on each puppy's page. Those are ESTIMATED dates for when a puppy is ready to leave. Every puppy's developments and especially tiny puppies may need additional times so its always best to call as closer to ready to go date to make sure your puppy is ready for his/her new home. After submitting the booking to the nanny service, we wait for their reply on when a nanny can deliver. After confirmation we set up a text group chat with you included on whatsapp. You can download whatsapp on your phone app store. 


We offer a 14 day warranty included in with the cost of your puppy and are required to have your puppy examined by a vet with 48 hours of delivery to its new home. All puppies have been vet checked to ensure health and quality.

We do offer extended 6 month warranty for $350 and up to 1 year for $500 additional and these options may be selected when you checkout on the website for your puppy. 

Weight and Development Changes

Babypups DOES NOT guarantee weight on any puppy sold on our website. We can give you an estimate but, in no way shape, form or fashion will make a promise or guarantee weight. Also, development changes are to be expected when purchasing any puppy. False expectations of what your puppy will grow up to look like are also not guaranteed. We do not refund, exchange or cancel a sale because of changes in a puppy's development. If you inquire about a puppy and the MAIN questions asked are about weight then we will ask you to shop elsewhere. WE DO NOT sell puppies strictly based on a number on a scale. It is not fair to the puppy or to us to be so critical about a young puppy and only worry about the weight of the puppy. If weight is a main factor for you PURCHASE A DOG OVER THE AGE OF 8 MONTHS OF AGE.

No Refund or Exchanges

We do not refund money for any reason during/after your purchase. This is a strict policy that must be agreed upon during your purchase on our site through terms and conditions. If you decide to cancel your transaction at any time you will be issued a letter of credit valid for the next 90 days from the date of original purchase. Exchanges are not accepted!  We do not swap puppies or change before or after delivery of your puppy.  Puppy's are expected to grow and change and we do not make promises on these changes. Make sure to research each breed as well prior to purchase to make sure its the right fit for your family. If you are looking for a 2-3 lb puppy do not purchase a larger breed like a frenchie or pomsky. Your puppy is your decision but, we cannot be responsible that you didnt do your research prior to purchase. If we cancel sale will be the only time a client is refunded. If a puppy has been held for over 7 days and you become irrational or start making demands that were NOT agreed to prior to sale we will refund 50 percent of your payment. We do not work for free and our time is just a valuable as yours.

Kindness Matters

KINDNESS MATTERS and we place puppies to families we feel that are appreciative of our work, service and dedication to each and every puppy that leaves our care. There is just about not anything that we cant work out and come together to resolute. We are a very level headed team that work hard for you and will do what we can to help you in any way we can. We are fair in our business and treat others they way we want to be treated.  We have been in business for over 15 years and have placed puppies in loving families who have enjoyed our puppies and usually come back within 2 years for another. If you call with an attitude or confrontational we will not sell to you. We will ask you to shop elsewhere. Its our puppies and we have every right where they will go and rude inquiries will not get you very far. Puppies ALWAYS find the right home. Our business model isnt a fit for everyone and thats ok but, please remember to share some kindness whereever you go. We DO NOT tolerate rude, confrontational clients and if we feel that you are a risk to our business or our puppy your order will be cancelled and refunded. That is the ONLY time refunds are given if we CANCEL sale. 

Have any Other Questions?

Give us a call 1-888-743-0325