Our Contract for Purchase

  1. ___________ Buyer agrees that in order to redeem any form of health warranty for their puppy an examination will be required by a licensed vet within 48 hours of transfer of ownership of the puppy.
  2. __________Seller offers a 14 day warranty only from the date of transfer of ownership to the new owner. Extended warranties may be purchased up to 14 days of the puppy’s arrival to its new home.
  1. ___________During this warranty Seller with cover life threatening, untreatable defects only. Contagious or Viral infections are covered for 48 hours only. Seller will require supporting documentation from a vet if any claims are made on the puppy. Email claims to claims@babypups.com
  1. ______________ Parasites, Hernias, or common treatable issues of a puppy are not covered under this warranty. Seller does suggest buyer sign up for health insurance for your puppy to cover any related issues that are not covered under this warranty. mypetplan.com is a good alternative.
  1. ___________ Seller does not pay any medical expenses or expenses for puppy’s care after leaving seller’s possession.
  1. ____________ Buyer understands if the unfortunate event that puppy should die for any reason, and a claim is to be made on the warranty, seller will require a necropsy report at the buyers expenses to determine the cause of death by a licensed veterinarian. In the event the cause of death is a life threatening, untreatable defect deemed congenital or genetic seller will replace the puppy with another puppy within 6 months time frame of same breed, sex and quality. This quality may be offered at lowered pricing during promotions and events if buyer chooses a puppy that is already listed on the website. Seller will NOT refund the difference if the buyer selects the same quality puppy at a lesser cost.

 Hypoglycemia Disclaimer

Hypoglycemia is not a illness and can be prevented with proper diet and nutrition. Our warranty does not cover for this syndrome and it is buyers responsibility to prevent their puppy from hypoglycemia.

It is crucial to have Nutrical or Dyne on hand in case of an episode of Hypoglycemia.


Hypoglycemia is a PREVENTABLE syndrome that occurs primarily in toy breeds between 6 and 12 weeks of age. A hypoglycemic attack is often precipitated by stress. The typical signs are listlessness, depression, staggering gait, muscular weakness, and tremors-especially of the face. Puppies with a severe drop in blood sugar develop seizures or become in stuporous state and go into a coma. Death can follow. This particular sequence of symptoms is not always seen. through. For example, some puppies exhibit only weakness or a wobbly gait. Occasionally a puppy who seemed just fine is found in coma.

Episodes of hypoglycemia often occur without warning-for example, when a puppy is stressed by shipping. Other common causes of acute hypoglycemia are missing a meal, chilling, becoming exhausted from too much play, or having an upset stomach. These events place an added strain on the energy reserves of the liver. Teacup puppies must eat. It is not an option or something that should be overlooked. If a teacup puppy doesn’t eat their meal a supplement of Nutrical should be given to ensure they maintain their sugar levels. Nutrical should be given every 4 hours to prevent hypoglycemia.

Prolonged or repeated hypoglycemic attacks in toy breed puppies can cause brain damage. Puppies with frequent attacks should undergo veterinary testing

Treatment: The treatment of an acute attack is aimed at restoring the blood sugar. Begin immediately. If the puppy is awake and able to swallow, give corn syrup or sugar water by syringe, or rub corn syrup, honey, or glucose paste on the gums. You should see improvement in 30 minutes. If not, call your veterinarian.
If the pup is unconscious, do not give an oral solution because it will be inhaled. Rub corn syrup, honey, or glucose paste (nutrical or dyne supplements) on the gums and proceed at once to your veterinarian. This puppy will require an intravenous dextrose solution and may need to be treated for brain swelling. Oral glucose paste is sold at pharmacies or vet supply stores. If you know your dog is subject to hypoglycemic attacks, keep this product on hand.

Prevention: Susceptible puppies should be fed at least four times a day. It is important to feed a high-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-fat diet. It is essential that the diet be high quality. Your veterinarian can recommend an appropriate premium food.

Food supplements and table scraps should not exceed 5 to 10 % of the total daily ration. Owners of toy puppies should take precautions to see that they do not become excessively tired or chilled. Many (but not all) puppies outgrow this problem. Symptoms of Hypoglycemia are:

Lethargy, Excessive salivations, dilated pupils, weak, wobbly, cant stand or walking around in disoriented state, seizures, and hypothermia. It is most frequent first thing in the morning but can happen at any time during the day: Buyer Initial that they agree to these terms :

Note: Babypups.com is not a licensed Veterinarian and the info we provide will not treat any illness. We are offering advice based upon years of experience with teacup puppies.

Initial here that you agree to terms in our Hypoglycemia Disclaimer: 

Terms and Conditions of Sale

 Buyer is referred to Name listed above and Seller is referenced in this contract as Babypups.com

  • Buyer agrees that any puppy purchased from Seller will not leave until the Seller agrees the puppy is ready to go. Some puppies do require extra time to develop. Seller will not agree to cancel sale because a puppy has been delayed for shipping. Our main priority is the puppy and their care.
  • Buyer agrees that all shipping or handling fees for any puppy purchased are his/her sole responsibility and that includes any puppy offered under our replacement warranty. Seller does not pay shipping cost for any reason. 
  • Buyer agrees for all credit card purchases made on Seller website will require a front and back copy of their credit card and government issued identification. We take fraud very serious. as our bank requires proof of identity for each purchaser. The purchased puppy will not ship until we have received these required images. Buyer may block out all numbers on the credit card except the last four.
  • Buyer agrees that puppies sold from Seller are sold as loving pets only and will not be issued with pedigree or registration papers unless otherwise noted in the ad or description listed on babypups.com
  • Buyer agrees that if shipping or delivery is delayed for any reason that Seller will not cancel or refund payment for any reason.
  • Buyer agrees that if they cancel sale prior to taking delivery of their puppy purchased that no refunds will be given for any reason. Seller will issue Buyer a letter of credit to purchase a puppy within the next 3 months from original date of purchase minus $500. The $500 is for lost time and wages and covers our relisting fee.
  • Buyer agrees that seller does not guarantee weight, size, or coat color of any puppy purchased. With weight we use a universal weight chart that gives us an estimated weight based on age and parentage but, we cannot guarantee that your puppy will not grow larger than our estimated value. The only way to get a better estimate if you are buying for size if to purchase a puppy older than 8 months old. Color changes are common with certain breeds and we cannot be held liable if your puppy coat color has changed during molting as its very common in long coated breeds and sables and also with white changing to cream. No refunds will be given for any of these factors or changes.
  • Hypoglycemia is common with teacup puppies if they their nutritional needs are not met. We do not cover for any reason hypoglocemia related issues for any reason. Please review our hypoglycaemia disclaimer for more information.
  • Buyer understands that teacup puppies should not be purchased as gifts or for young children as they are fragile and do require certain care. A teacup puppy can be injured from falling off a couch or bed. If you are purchasing for a gift its best the receive researches care and teacup puppy requirements.
  • Buyer understands that Seller is the co-owner or breeder to all the puppies purchased from Babypups and that select puppies are imported from South Korea from our co-breeding partners or from our personal breeding program. 
  • Seller is under no obligation to provide up to date photos or videos prior to a puppy leaving our care if we feel it cause too much stress for a puppy prior to shipping unless we have agreed otherwise in writing.
  • Buyer agrees to Seller Refund Policy listed on babypups.com and understands no refunds are given for change of heart decisions or cancellations. If the event buyer decides to cancel sale or refuses to pay the final balance on a puppy Seller will issue a letter of credit valid for 90 days.
  • Buyer understands Seller does not have a return policy for any reason of said puppy unless they cannot keep and are turning over the puppy to Babypups.com at their own expense and all return shipping fees will be paid for by the buyer. No compensation will be given to the Buyer from the Seller if the dog is returned for any reason. 
  • Buyer gives seller first right of refusal if Buyer should ever decide not to keep their puppy or sell their puppy.
  • Every Attempt has been made to make this contact fair for both buyer and seller. No other warranties, guarantees verbal or written will supersede this agreement.

    We agree that any claim, dispute or controversy between us or claim by either of use against the other or the employees, agents or assigns of the other and any claim arising from or relating to this agreement or the relationships which result from this agreement, no matter against whom made, including the applicability of this arbitration clause and the validity of the entire agreement[1], shall be resolved by neutral binding arbitration by the National Arbitration Forum[2], under the Code of Procedure then in effect. Any arbitration hearing at which you appear will take place at a location near Houston, TX will be the choice of seller at either of these locations. Information may be obtained, and claims may be filed at any National Arbitration Forum office, www.arbitration-forum.com, or at P.O. Box 50191, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405. We are a Limited Liability Company.