Payment Plan Option

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VIP Payment Plan Options for Clients

We are now offering Pay as You Go payment plans for a puppy of your choice within your budget.

If you arent approved for conventional financing we do offer Pay as You Go payment plans for your dream puppy. Our minimum budget requirement is $2500 for this service.

This service is not for a puppy that is already listed on the website but, a puppy from a future litter once your balance has been paid in full. 

Note: Different breeds, colors and sex are priced in different ranges so you would need to call us for more information to see if your dream puppy falls within your budget. 

We will collect weekly, biweekly or monthly payments toward a puppy that is desired of your choice. We do accept Cash App as well for these services and bank wire. 

  1. Contact us to discuss your budget and we can let you know what breeds would be available in your price range.
  2. Talk about what payments you can budget for weekly, biweekly or monthly to go towards your purchase.
  3. Once a breed and pricing has been established for your desired puppy  sign up for a VIP membership on our website. 
  4. After you are a VIP we will issue you a contract with the puppy of your choice is listed and the price that was agreed upon.
  5. Payments will start that day with an initial payment to go towards your dream puppy. 
  6. You may make payments as frequently as you like towards your dream puppy. There is no pressure to make payments. You are in control with how long it takes to pay for your dream puppy. 
  7. Once we have reached the balance of the puppy you decide upon we will offer you puppies in that breed, sex and color when available.
  8. Puppies do not leave our care until the full balance and shipping are paid for the puppy you choose. 
  9. Payments are NOT refunded if you choose not to complete the purchase or stop all payments all together.
  10. This is a payment plan option for those mostly on fixed incomes who cannot make a payment in full to reserve a puppy immediately off the site. All payments a receipt will be provided and recorded on your contract with date and amount. 

Call us now to get started and set up your Pay as You Go Payment Plans toward your Dream puppy!